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Welcome to A & H Luxury Builders located in Southlake TX.  When you are looking for a high level custom home remodeler, look no further than us.  We not only have the experience in building luxury home remodels, we’ve also shown time and again the degree of quality and craftsmanship.  We’ve assembled some of the most experienced professionals in the business and their abilities allow us to solve even the most extravagant of luxury home remodels.  A large part of our success comes from us adamantly listening to our clients every want and needs for their home.  This not only is good business but it will ensure a complete project with unparalleled results.  This approach along with our other coordinated processes also ensures that we deliver exceptional home remodels on time and on budget.  With your ideas and our expertise working together we will finish the job with zero compromises.


We provide a full range of services.  Everything from Kitchen, bathroom, room additions, to landscaping, swimming pools and outside entertainment areas.  We can take any area of your property and transform it into a paradise for you and your family to enjoy, for years to come.  In many cases we end up designing, creating and building several areas all at once for our clients.  We can help you to conceptualize a full range of remodeling opportunities that will fit together in a smooth seamless fashion.  If you are looking at the outside property, we can create an outdoor kitchen area and have it integrate with a new stone porch, pergola and a fire pit.  For those with the space and that want to go all in can have us design a beautiful in-ground swimming pool with rock and water formations to complement your surrounding area.  The possibilities are endless.


In order to help our clients in the Southlake TX and surrounding areas visualize their next remodel, we have employed the use of technology.  We offer our clients the ability to create a complete 3D rendering for their custom home remodel.  This is a 10+ hour of all your ideas and detail.  We then input every aspect of your project into a computer system that will give us an actual 3D picture of what your project will look like.  This not only helps you see the final product but it also allows you to know what areas you might choose to add more options to or it allows you to possibly subtract certain other aspects to your project.  Either way it’s an excellent tool to help illustrate and demonstrate what you will be getting.  Of course it also helps us because we can then know everything we will need to before we break ground on your new home remodel.     


We hope you will contact us so we may have the opportunity to discuss your ideas for a home remodeling project.  We can provide you with and estimate and discuss the option for getting the free 3D rendering ($2500) for your home remodel.  Please call or send us an email by filling out our form below.

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Get a FREE 3D Rendering of your Remodel ($2500 value)

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