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Custom Landscaping

A & H Luxury Builders has sought to provide exceptional workmanship and top-quality service to the people of Southlake, TX.

Custom Landscaping: Services
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Custom Landscape Design

At A & H Luxury Builders we look to design and create a better quality of life for you and your family, using our systemized landscaping process.  Whether you have a complete vision of what you want in a custom landscape or you need fresh ideas to help conceptualize your dream landscape, we can help coach you through our coordinated process.  All of our landscape projects are custom designed, built and even maintained by our highly skilled experts.  We produce some of the most spectacular outdoor environments that provide our residential and commercial clients a wonderful place to create memories, foster relationships and provide spaces for relaxing and entertaining.  Afterall, we are in the “outdoor improvement” business and love producing some of the most beautiful landscapes in Southlake, TX and surrounding cities.  Much of what we do really comes down to paying close attention to the client and assessing every aspect of what they want in their project.  Once we have a complete understanding of what’s to be done for the design, we then move forward with the needed materials and installation process.

Front Yard Landscape Southlake Texas

Custom Landscape Installation

Whether you choose to have us design a custom landscape for you or we go with your vision of what you want, A & H Luxury Builders will implement and install the perfect outdoor space for your friends and family.  Whether you live in Southlake, TX or any of its surrounding cities we can make any landscape installation jaw dropping.  This is where attention to details come into play.  We want to make sure that every square foot is paid attention to in order to deliver the perfect outdoor environment.  Our team members are trained and use best practices when it comes to custom landscape installation.  We make sure to give proper care to install every bush, tree, hardscape, waterscape and anything else in between.  We will meticulously measure, plant and assemble the entire landscape from start to finish.  Additionally, we will strive to leave each project as tidy and clean as possible after each day of construction.  A & H Luxury Builders project manager will also communicate with you as the installation progresses.  This includes phone updates via calls and text messages, email of photos if needed.  All to keep you informed of the project.  Once everything has been completed your project manager will walk you through each area to familiarize you with the work that has been completed.  This is to make sure everything is as it should be.

custom landscape southlake texas

Backyard Design and Maintenance

Once A & H Luxury Builders have completed the project and you have your custom landscape and depending on the type of space created, there may be the need for upkeep of any garden areas.  This could include watering, pruning, clipping, mowing and other nutrients necessary to maintain your beautiful new area.  We can create and provide custom maintenance programs for any of your garden and lawn needs.  The goal being to preserve your investment so you can enjoy and maximize your space  If you’d prefer to do the maintenance yourself then we will explain all the necessary guidance and help educate you on what you can do to preserve your new garden areas.  Ultimately we want you to be able to spend time with family and friends enjoying your areas.


Please give us a call today to have one of our experienced project managers schedule a free on-site consultation, to discuss your custom landscape project today!

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