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Outdoor Kitchen & Entertainment Southlake, TX

Home owners in Southlake TX and surrounding areas who are looking to add an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area need not look any further than A & H  Luxury Builders.  We’ve designed and built some of the most beautiful outdoor kitchens and other areas for entertaining family and friends for over 15 years.  This is an area of a property where many homeowners are able to create some of the most dazzling and fun spaces known to a home.  Whether you have a complete idea of what you want for your backyard area or you’d like a guide as to what would be great for your space, we can facilitate any build.  Talk to us about our grill options, types of outdoor countertops and flooring best suited for your space.  We can look at pergolas and patios, sitting areas, outdoor speakers and lighting options, custom fire pits, water features or any other entertainment or feature you have in mind.  There’s even the option of looking at custom swimming pools and jacuzzi.  Whichever direction you decide to go, we will engineer the perfect backyard for your outdoor kitchen area and create an aesthetic, relaxing environment for entertaining family and friends.

Outdoor Building Process


Before we begin any new outdoor kitchen or entertainment areas, we first go over and examine the areas and with what you have in mind.  We want to make sure that all of your ideas and vision are in fact doable for the space.  We will review everything with you and identify any areas that could potentially be a problem in regards to having the space needed to fit all of your amenities.  One other tool that we employ is our 3D rendering software.  Many times we can offer to create a complete 3D model of what the end project will look like.  This not only helps us see what you will get, but it allows us to know we can fit everything into the space.  This tool ultimately allows you to be able to add more or subtract from the project.  Once this is in place and we’ve figured out the build, we go through a systematic process of implementing the final design.  We then break ground, build and install.  Throughout the process we keep an open level of communication with our clients.  We provide up-to-date progress via in-person, phone, text and email.  This is another reason for our combined success with our clients.

Outdoor living spaces add value


Any new outdoor addition we design, build and install adds value to your homestead.  This is another reason many homeowners look to us for a beautiful outdoor space.  Our team of experts work to build structurally sound areas that will last for generations.  Our workmanship is something to be seen because we don’t cut corners.  We want our clients to know they received the best quality that money can buy.  We want you to know that if one day you do decide to sell your home, you can proudly showcase the outdoor kitchen and any other areas we built.  Our work is often the star of any home and helps our clients demand top dollar for their home, if they are looking to sell.  Our craftsmanship is a big reason we often get past clients come back to us and see what other additions we can design, build or remodel for their home.  Please call us

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Outdoor Kitchen Southlake Texas
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